Monday, March 26, 2007

Fruit in a Cloth Napkin

[10"×8"] $100 Sold

Vinegar & Oil

[8"×10" oil on canvas] $100 Sold

Monday, March 19, 2007

St. Peter's Cathedral

This is a commissioned painting of St. Peter's Cathedral at sunrise. I wanted the cathedral to be warm and imposing against the cold city-scape behind it. The front has a gilt mosaic which becomes the brightest spot and focal point of the painting. [16"×20", oil on canvas, 8 hrs.] Commission/Sold Giclée reproductions on stretched canvas available in limited quantities for $150.

I also produced a miniature version (8"×10" - 30 min.) of the face of the church, which was auctioned at a fundraiser for St. Richard's Catholic School in Jackson, Mississippi. $65 Sold

Pink Geraniums

This was painted on the west side of my house as the sun was going down. [oil on canvas panel, 14"×11"] $125 Sold

Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Things I Remember

I had a busy weekend and got a lot done. First of all, I picked up two new commissions. The first is due by Easter! Fortunately, I got right on it and was able to finish up Sunday, which should give the paint ample time to dry before delivery.

I also finished four other paintings this week of a series that I am calling "The Things I Remember". My goal is to capture objects and places that evoke the emotions associated with remembrance. Most of these paintings will be done outdoors during the spring and summer months.

I also attempted to make my first frame out of old weathered clapboard. However, I need a mitre saw to do this correctly and so the best I came up with was poor. The painting at left is a miniature version (4"×5". $50 Sold) of the painting above. [8"×10"] $175 Sold

Monday, March 05, 2007

Basket with Rolled Towels

In our guest bathroom, Holly had placed some rolled towels in an old cane basket. It was such a lovely natural composition that I painted it this weekend. [16×18, oil on canvas] $75 Sold

To see a progression of this painting, click here.

With a View to Paradise

Here is the finished commissioned landscape of Hawaii (20" × 16"). I like to tone my canvasses with either light red (English red), or yellow ochre before I begin a painting. In this case, I have "fixed" my charcoal drawing by drawing in the still-wet tone color, then allowing it to dry before painting in the first layer. Commission/Sold