Monday, April 09, 2007

Perfect Mason


This was a commission for a client in Texas. I find these colors very soothing to look at, and restful to my eyes -- almost like looking into a swimming pool. I hope to do more with this color scheme in the future. Commission/Sold

Having a Ball

This weekend I was looking for both inspiration, and an antique mason jar to paint. I went across the street to Cane Ridge Antiques, owned by my neighbors Kevin and Melissa Horne, to 'borrow' some of their jars. They often let me use props for my still life paintings from their shop.

However, when I found the 'perfect mason' jar, I also fell in love with the green shelf it was sitting on. The only solution was to set up and paint right there in the showroom. It was also fun having people come and watch as I painted away. [11"×14"] $175 Sold